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ABL Centre

The  Access Better Living Centre (ABL Centre) was established in 2021 to facilitate the vision of being “client-focused and community-minded” while providing recreational and social programming and respite for both children and adults with developmental disabilities.
Access Better Living Inc. acquired and renovated a former church building on William Avenue in South Porcupine.   The ABL Centre is the base location for the Junior Summit and Summit programs and houses the Respite Care Program.   All of these programs are designed to serve families who care for children and adults with developmental disabilities. They all provide respite to parents and caregivers who may be challenged by 24-hour care.


Junior Summit

Formerly known as the Extend-A-Family, the Junior Summit Program provides recreational and social opportunities to children with special needs in the community while also providing the caregivers with a period of relief. To be eligible for the Jr. Summit Program, a child (4—18 years of age) with a developmental disability.

The Junior Summit Program provides:

  • Fun-filled themed activities in a group setting that can include crafts, science experiments, and group activities
  • Continuous supervision and care that ensures the personal safety of the client while ensuring personal and emotional needs are being met
  • A welcoming and safe environment where children can feel comfortable to be themselves and have the opportunity to make new friends
  • The opportunity to be active and social within the community
  • An opportunity to develop further independence outside of the family unit
  • Trained and screened support workers  

The Junior Summit Program also holds Respite Days at the Centre from September to June, as well as a Summer Day Program in July and August. 

A fee for service applies to both the Respite Days the Summer Day Program. 


Adult Summit 

This new program  provides client-focused, community-minded services to adults 18 years of age and over with developmental disabilities. The adult program is known as The Summit, a theme chosen to reflect the goal of aspiring to greater heights, perseverance, learning new skills, and achieving fulfillment through meaningful activities. It will provide opportunities for adults to access support and services geared to their needs and interests.

The Summit Program will include programming to engage all clients in five categories:

  • Movement (eg: community walks, exercise classes, dancing, swimming)
    Creative minds (eg: Science activities, art lessons, reading writing, story creation)
  • Social Skills (eg: music enjoyment, karaoke, dancing, musical instruments, drama, cooperative board games, friendship skills, conflict resolution, art of listening)
  • Exploration (eg: trail walking, park exploration, grocery shopping, library visits, Cedar Meadows wilderness tour, bowling, and the theater)
  • Life skills (eg: cooking, baking, meal prep, internet safety, gardening, anger/stress management, money management) 

This program enables adults with developmental disabilities to be involved in their communities, live as independently as possible, and access a better life for themselves.  

A fee for service applies to the Summit Program and can be purchased with Passport Program funding and/or invoiced individually.

 For more info regarding these services, you may contact the Respite Program Coordinator found on the Contact Us page.