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Personal Support Services (Low Acuity Program)

Remain independent in your own home!  Offering services in Timmins, Matheson, Iroquois Falls, and Cochrane.

Access Better Living (ABL) receives funding from Ontario Health North and is committed to providing Personal Support Services to adults (age 60 and over) who have a functional impairment related to a long-term chronic condition or frailty and need help with personal care  in order to maintain independence within their own home.

Access Better Living works with you to develop individualized service plans that reflect your unique individuality, and personal support requirements.

Your personal support services are prescheduled and provided for you one to two hours per week.

Should you want more information about this program call Access Better Living at 705-268-2240 and ask about our Low Acuity Program.

If you think you meet the eligibility criteria for this program and want to apply, please contact Home and Community Care 705-267-7766.


Assisted Living Program for High Risk Seniors

Access Better Living receives funding from Ontario Health North and is committed to providing individualized person-centered care within your home and community.

We are here to help High Risk Seniors (age 60 and over) remain within their own home with the availability of personal support and homemaking services on a 24-hour basis. Services can be scheduled or unscheduled (as needed).

The Assisted Living Services for High Risk Seniors program have been developed to address the needs of high-risk seniors so that they are able to remain safely at home for as long as possible. If you are finding it hard to complete tasks independently this program may be for you.

Your home may include private home, or a residential setting such as an apartment building or a senior citizens’ residence (does not include long-term care facilities). You can live alone or with an informal caregiver.  We can provides support services to help you feel more comfortable with remaining in your home.

This program offers services where and when you need it the most.

Eligible High Risk Seniors will receive the following services:

High-level personal support services (bathing, showering, and dressing, getting in and out of bed or a chair, eating, walking, and using the toilet) and medication support.

Homemaking Services (changing bed linen, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning of bathroom(s), bedroom(s), kitchen, living room etc.) Assistance with keeping your home reasonably clean and tidy, and keeping up with maintaining your home.

Shopping and Meal Preparation This covers everything required to get a meal on the table.

Safety and Reassurance Service (by phone or in person).

Care Coordination Service is also a vital part of the services, as we will endeavour to ensure that all elements of your care requirements including assessments, eligibility, review and revisions of your plan of service are at the forefront.





Assisted Living

by | Sep 12, 2022