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Respite Care is a specialized service designed to provide scheduled relief for parents/guardians of children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Adult Respite Care

This program provides in-home and out-of-home relief for parents/guardians of adults with developmental disabilities who require specialized care. Respite care services provide:

  • Continuous supervision and care that ensures both the personal safety of the client and the performance of daily living activities normally provided by the parents/guardians.
  • Emotional support based on the client’s need to feel confident and secure with the Respite Care workers.
  • Open communication between the client, the family, and the respite care workers.
  • An opportunity to develop further independence and to socialize with non-family members. Prevention of caregiver burnout and institutionalization of the client.

 The program works in contact with other service providers to ensure that a comprehensive service is delivered to those who require it.

 Respite care is offered both in-home and out-of-the-home.

In-home respite care is scheduled at the request of the caregiver for flexible lengths of time.

Out-of-home respite care accommodations are available in the community on a bus route close to shopping etc. There is a nominal per diem rate for this service.

 The Respite Care Program is funded through the Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services.

Childen’s Respite Funding Allocation

Access Better Living Inc. provides flow-through funding for caregivers’ respite services and supports through an application process. 

 Applications from the North East Region Respite Network are distributed and collected for eligible children between the ages of 0-18 years of age. 

 For more information regarding these services, contact the Respite Care Program Coordinator found on the Contact Us page.